Maddalena supports the Non-profit “Progettoautismo FVG” Foundation

December 5th, 2023

Working in a territory so rich in extraordinary excellence inspires us to believe in the realisation of dreams, especially when these dreams are based on shared values.

BEAUTY, INCLUSION, SOLIDARITY and TERRITORY are the keywords chosen by our Company to celebrate the holidays for the year 2023. Sustainable projects, from the land to the product to the people, respecting the principles of quality and ethics throughout the supply chain.

In particular, for this upcoming Christmas, Maddalena Spa has chosen to support the Non-profit “Progettoautismo FVG” Foundation by promoting its extraordinary projects through the wines of Azienda Agricola Specogna decorated with labels painted by the young people who attend the “NoWay-NoUei” Atelier, a workshop space for cultural aggregation situated in the Home Special Home – the daily centre and hq of the foundation – in Feletto Umberto (UD).

The peculiarity of this project lies in the opportunity to go beyond mere sponsorships or donations, the wine becomes a gift and the gift focuses on enhancing the talents of these young people in a virtuous and inclusive manner. In fact, each signature bottle contributes with part of the proceeds to support the Foundation’s initiatives, complementing the donation offered by the Company through participation in the “The first 500” campaign.

Progettoautismo FVG’s venues are the places where the impossible becomes possible. Enablement workshops, art, music, circus, theater, sports and job placement are some of the tools to burst the bubble of social isolation that people with autism and their families experience in their everyday lives. Progettoautismo’s mission is revolutionary but not utopian: to burst that bubble to offer anyone who needs it the tools to live a full and happy existence.

Temporary Art Exhibition

During the whole month of December, Maddalena Spa will transform into an artistic stage, welcoming an extraordinary temporary exhibition in the middle of its offices and production areas. This special event will give birth to a unique combination of creativity and solidarity.

The artworks made by the talented and passionate young artists from Progettoautismo FVG in their atelier NoWay-NoUei, will be displayed in the Povoletto establishment. Each artwork represents a fragment of genuine and authentic creativity, an ode to diversity and self-expression.

With a gesture of generosity, each artwork will be available for purchase through a free offering. All proceeds from this initiative will be donated to the Non-profit “Progettoautismo FVG” to build the “Enzo Cainero” co-housing village.

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This project helps Maddalena S.p.A.
to contribute to the 2030 Agenda Goals

Goal10 Reduced Inequality

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