CTF and Maddalena Spa, moving forward together: agreement renewed for 2024

November 30th, 2023

The partnership between the black and white club Cycling Team Friuli-Victorious and Maddalena SpA has been confirmed for 2024. The continuation of the relationship was formalized at the headquarters in Povoletto (Ud), with the delivery by the club of two framed picture depicting Bryan Olivo during his success at the 2023 Italian Time Trial Championship.

Sanctioning the extension of the agreement were Giovanni Maddalena and CTF Victorious General Manager Roberto Bressan, who highlighted the importance of having the support of a historic brand, a vessel of excellence in the Friulian industry, which will be featured on the 2024 jersey. The new uniform will be presented soon!

The same care Maddalena pays daily to water metering is placed in the attention required by a time trial competition, where every hundredth of a second makes a difference. Hence the parallel with Italian time trial champion Bryan Olivo, a regional talent who brought the tricolor back to Friuli Venezia Giulia this year, three years after the success of then-bianconero rider Jonathan Milan.

At the meeting between Maddalena and Bressan, not only outstanding achievements were discussed, but also actions to support cycling, intended as slow mobility and sport activity that is mindful of the environment and the well-being of employees, with initiatives included in the sustainability plan. For example, the new inter-municipal road system that, by the end of the year, through the construction of a bike path, will connect the plant with Grions del Torre and allow a safer and easier connection to Udine, all to encourage no-emission travel.

“We are proud,” says Giovanni Maddalena, “to renew our partnership with Cycling Team Friuli Victorious, with whom we share values of excellence, sustainability and commitment to the local area.
This is a collaboration that goes far beyond mere sports support and roots our corporate mission in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, respectful of the environment and the surrounding territory, with an eye on the internationalization that distinguishes us in the markets and sees the bianconero team as the carrier of the name of Friuli Venezia Giulia around the world.”

“We think it’s very important,” concludes DS Renzo Boscolo, “to extend the support of the Maddalena Spa, both because of their history, strongly rooted in Friuli, and because of the excellence that their products represent in the international market. But the most important added value is the awareness of having as a partner a company akin to our dynamics of growth and continuous improvement, with particular attention to the experience of the territory.”

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