Maddalena Spa presents ElecTo SJ with integrated multi-protocol communication

May 30th, 2024

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new variant of the ElecTo SJ, a single-jet electronic meter, now also available with wM-Bus and LoRaWAN communication. This version, available for cold and hot water, is designed for both indoor (submetering) and outdoor (utility) residential applications. 

The product’s design features an additional cap for a higher degree of environmental protection, a dial cover and a new enhanced antenna to maximise radio range.

The electronic radio register of the ElecTo SJ simplifies the reading of data and makes additional information available to users and operators. The datalogging functionality of historical values offers a detailed analysis of consumption, and the advanced anomaly detection also makes it possible to promptly identify suspected leakage situations.

The main strength of this variant is the simultaneous communication of the wM-Bus and LoRaWAN protocols, which allow for maximum flexibility and scalability through long-distance mobile and fixed systems. The ElecTo SJ, therefore, is the best response to the European Energy Efficiency Directive in the divisional domestic context.

In addition, it adds to Maddalena’s range of electronic water meters for the Utility sector, which now includes speed, volumetric and static meters.

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