MGRID: smart water metering portal

January 25th, 2024

Within the Systems range, Maddalena offers advanced integration of its water and thermal energy metering devices through MGrid, an IoT web platform developed for the needs of Utility and submetering.

MGrid allows data to be consulted from any web browser and through simple dashboards can display the reading data and any alarms transmitted by the various meters and communication modules.

The platform can receive data from various sources including:

  • Devices directly connected to a fixed WAN network (communicating in LoRaWAN, wM-Bus 169 MHz or NB-IoT);
  • Gateway for periodic reading of communicating devices in wM-Bus;
  • Arrow Mobile Android reading app via direct export to portal.

A dedicated network and device analysis section is also available on MGrid, which allows for the rapid identification of meters in the field through a map view with georeferencing. The platform then allows data export in standard format or advanced integration with major third-party ERP systems.

If you are interested in a proposal, please submit your needs to us by filling out our questionnaire accessible from the JIRA portal, making sure to use the request form for Mgrid. We will then be able to propose the best solution based on your needs!

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