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MGrid is Maddalena’s Web IoT platform developed to meet the requirements of the water Utility and for the accounting of water and thermal energy. Accessible from any Internet browser, it offers features to facilitate billing cycles and support the control and development of data collection technologies. MGrid allows real-time control of every element of the system, from the specific devices to the network infrastructure. It is an effective tool to assist with identifying leaks in the network thanks to its map-based representation of the information collected. The interface is structured in modules having different specific functions for data acquisition (Mobile or Fixed). It also allows integration with third-party ERP systems.

Structural and functional characteristics
• Fast web-based access (readings, alarms, etc.) • Intuitive dashboard • Connection with Maddalena Arrow Mobile Android reading app • Integration with third-party systems • Customer database management • Local data export • Leak finding support • Map-based display of information

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