Maddalena S.p.A. publishes its first Sustainability Report

March 1st, 2023

Maddalena S.p.A. started its sustainabile path in October 2020, after having identified which are the peculiarities of the company’s situation and after having set the goals to be reached.

This path, which led to the achievement of SA8000 Certification as well as to some EGS Rating as first results, culminates today with the publication of the first Sustainability Report. The latter could be defined as a synthesis tool which is able to provide the entrepreneurial vision and that underlines concrete actions and projects, quantitative data and a precise description of the numerous steps that led to the creation of a real Sustainability Strategy.

Reporting on Sustainability

The debate regarding these topics has become always more intense so that in the next years we are going to face an epochal change in the context of sustainability reporting.

From January 2024, all the European Union’s companies will be forced to publish their data regarding the environmental impact, the people, the planet and the sustainability risks to which they are exposed. This obligation will need to be respected by the large companies in 2025 and by the SMEs in 2026.

Within this context, Maddalena S.p.A is proud of the direction that has been undertaken and of the efforts made in order to voluntarily draw up this first Sustainability Report starting from the data of 2020/21.

The redaction of this document represents both, the beginning of a concrete organizational change which regards each action of the company itself, and an important milestone in the creation of a sustainable vision for the future of Maddalena S.p.A.

The document was drawn up respecting GRI standards: criteria that allow to describe the organization, the governance system, the business model and the Sustainability strategic approaches.

Therefore, this first Sustainability Report represents a significant step toward a more sustainable future for both, the Company and the society as a whole. Sustainability has entered Maddalena little by little but, through the numerous projects carried out during these years, it acquired always more significance.

Today we can proudly present this document, which comes from the collaboration between different organizational departments with a team of specialized consultants, and with the support of Animaimpresa, that we would like to thank for a new important milestone achieved together.

Download the Sustainability Report

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