World Water Day 2023

March 22nd, 2023

Today, 22 March, is World Water Day, an anniversary established by the United Nations in 1992 to raise awareness of the importance of this vital resource for our planet.

This year’s theme is the link between water and climate change, two challenges that require urgent and coordinated action by all actors involved. Water is indeed a vital resource for life and the sustainable development of our country and the world. However, it is also scarce and vulnerable to the effects of climate change and growing demand from various economic and social sectors.

White Paper “Valore Acqua per l’Italia”

To commemorate this anniversary, our Company has chosen to participate in and promote the presentation of the fourth edition of the White Paper “Valore Acqua per l’Italia” (Water Value for Italy) edited by The European House – Ambrosetti Community, of which Maddalena S.p.A. has been a member since 2020, the first in its field.

An event, held today in Rome, which has brought together all the institutional and economic protagonists of the Italian water world and which has highlighted how the infrastructural less than perfect conditions of the extended water supply chain and the growing demand on the water resource require us to change our mindset quickly.

White Paper "Valore Acqua per l'Italia"

Maddalena’s actions

Our corporate orientation sees an increasingly marked approach to Sustainability and a vision aimed at spreading the culture of smart water metering – through communicating meters . We are very aware of the fact that an efficient and sustainable management of water resources can no longer disregard the application  of  “Smart&Digital Water” concept. An idea that insists on the reduction of water withdrawals, consumption and waste through innovation and technological efficiency and that is realised through the digitalisation and integration of infrastructural and production assets in the extended water supply chain.

Also in terms of new product, Maddalena is ready to answer the call of the PNRR and in general to that of the international scenario with the new water meters of the ElecTo range which, exploiting a platform of electronic radio register with native wireless data communication, combine the precision of measurement and data communication in a single instrument; all of which allows costs to be reduced and service to be made more efficient.

World Water Day 2023: Let’s accelerate change, every drop counts.

This project helps Maddalena S.p.A.
contribute to the 2030 Agenda Goals

Goal 6 clean water and sanitation

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