Maddalena S.p.A. presents new range brochures

February 6th, 2023

Simultaneously with the launch of the new website and following a logic of integrated communication, Maddalena S.p.A. promotes the new range brochures: Water Meters, Communication Modules and Thermal Energy.

From a classic catalog, the Company has chosen to switch to a vertical format, easy to consult, agile and versatile. In fact, the new range brochures have been created following a logic of content optimization with the aim of making them easier to use.

Nuove brochure di gamma Maddalena: Contatori per acqua, Moduli di comunicazione ed Energia termica

Water Meters

The focus on the products is even more pronounced than in the past: the brochures are now articulated with a central comparison table and two side flaps, designed for dedicated in-depth information. The central table presents the range in its entirety, offering a clear comparison of features through easy-to-understand graphics. It is also specifically designed to be cut out and become an immediate reference poster of the entire MecTo and ElecTo range, with QR codes referring to the company website. 

Analyzing the Water Meters Brochure in detail, the left side flap presents Maddalena’s product range and delves into fields of application, metering technology and sizes.

On the other hand, ample space is devoted, in the right-hand flap, to Smart Evolution: a section designed to offer a comprehensive look at the topic of data communication by presenting products and technologies for various fields of application

Maddalena S.p.A. is particularly sensitive to issues related to sustainability, which are increasingly relevant today; that’s why the new range brochures, in addition to being available online, have been printed on Favini Shiro Echo paper: recyclable, biodegradable and FSC™ certified. The CO2 emissions generated are fully offset.

Discover the water range  or download brochure directly!

Communication Modules

Analyzing the Communication Modules Brochure in detail, the left side flap features the Maddalena’s range of products. All communication modules offer a bidirectional static meter interface, environmental protection (IP), long service life battery, readings. index and alarms, and advanced data encryption.

The central table allows for an easy distinction between communication modules suitable for the Utility (network meters) and the Submetering (divisional meters). It focuses the attention on transmission type (uni or bidirectional), intervals, configuration, and compatibility with the acqua range products.

The range of Communication Modules allows MecTo products with a mechanical register to meet the requirements of smart metering, offering maximum flexibility in a wide variety of applications. The modules respond to different data communication technologies: wM-Bus, LoRaWAN, NBIoT, and compliance with OMS, making the job easier for system integrators.

The right-hand side flap is instead dedicated to Smart Evolution: Maddalena’s  Communication Modules can be purchased individually or already paired and configured on meters. Alternatively, a dedicated QR code leads directly to the ElecTo Range, native solutions that combine measurement and data communication precision in a single instrument.

Discover the Communication Modules  or download brochure directly!

Thermal Energy

The brochure which illustrate the Maddalena’s Thermal Energy meters range is characterized, as well, by a central table and two side flaps. Maddalena’s offering, that is shown within the left-sided flap, presents the main features of the products in a simple and immediate manner.

All the Maddalena’s thermal energy meters are certified with respect of the MID MI-004 Directive and they offer: battery power supply with 10 years estimated useful life (depending on the configuration), IP65 environmental protection degree, external power supply upon request, unit of measurement and type of installation configurable within 10kWh metered.

The central section allows to distinguish products depending on the context of application: Utility and Submetering. Products are presented through brief descriptions and spider charts which bring out their strengths.

The range’s smart evolution is presented within the right-sided flap. In conjunction with MicroClima thermal energy meters with radio modules, Maddalena suggests the use of MecTo water meters with separate radio which is mounted on board, or the use of ElecTo meters with an integrated radio. A QR code redirects to the Systems range section on the website, while an easy reading table outlines the different compatible communication technologies.

Discover the Thermal Energy range or download the brochure directly!

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