Sustainability Pills: Social Performance

July 28th, 2023

This is the penultimate appointment with this column of short articles on the ESG issues dealt with in the company’s Sustainability Report: the piece is dedicated to Social Performance, a very articulated and multifaceted topic.

Maddalena S.p.A. is an independent family business that sees the third and fourth generations involved side by side in management. Franco and Clara Maddalena, who took over from their father Giovanni Battista in the 1980s, are the President and Vice President of the company and are itsCEO together with their nephew Andrea Contin.
Giovanni Maddalena and Filippo Fontanelli, together with their cousin Andrea, represent the company’s fourth generation, each with their own delegated authority, the first in Commercial Management, the second in the Technical Area and the third in Management Control and Administration.

Human Capital

The numbers portray a Company in which several generations coexist, with an age mix that provides an important value for long-term growth. Maddalena S.p.A. interprets generational diversity as a competitive advantage because it is from the encounter and exchange between people of different ages that innovative solutions and ideas are often born. It is not a question of betting on one generation or another, but of thinking of a model under the banner of valuing diversity, where each generation is put in a position to express itself at its best: on the one hand by sharing years of experience in the field, on the other by introducing new ideas and visions.

As at 31st December 2021, 141 employees, over two-thirds of whom are under 50 years old. A Company, therefore, with a generational diversity contributing different values, experiences and aspirations. Contractual stability is a strong point of Maddalena S.p.A.: 93,62% of the employees are on permanent contracts, which contributes to making the Company a desirable place to work. The two-year period recorded a turnover rate (calculated on resignations/recruitment) of around 10%. In particular, some strategic departments for the Company have been strengthened in recent years, including R&D, Quality, Marketing and Operations.

These data, together with those relating to training and occupational health and safety, are also recorded in the documentation relating to SA8000 – Social Accountability certification, which aims to enhance and protect the people of organisations that adopt it.

Local Community


Maddalena S.p.A. is active in the territory with various initiatives aimed at supporting the local community and its employees. Since 2019, for example, the Company has been promoting a Scholarship named after Engineer G.B. Maddalena, worth 10,000 Euro, for the children of its employees who wish to pursue university studies.

The Company also has several active collaborations with local high schools and universities, and the Virtual 360° Tour was the subject of a master’s degree thesis in International Marketing, Management and Organisation. Maddalena has also been a Great Ambassador of Illegio for several years: this means supporting the activities of the Cultural Association Comitato di San Floriano, creating involvement in the area and spreading art culture and beauty. This partnership promotes art and beauty in the territory, offering employees the opportunity to visit the exhibition accompanied by the words of Don Alessio Geretti, curator and inspirer of the exhibition.

These are just a few examples of how a Company committed to Sustainability can get involved through commitment to the community and the promotion of sustainable practices. The history and actions of Maddalena S.p.A. prove that success can go hand in hand with social commitment, creating a better future for present and future generations.

This project helps Maddalena S.p.A.
contribute to the 2030 Agenda Goals

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