The matter of the spirit. Maddalena S.p.A. supports the 19th exhibition in Illegio

May 15th, 2023

Maddalena S.p.A. renews its role as the Grand Ambassador of Illegio again for the year 2023. The theme of the 19th exhibition in Illegio is “Flesh, the Matter of the Spirit.” The exhibition features more than 40 works tracing 2,500 years of beauty, from the 6th century B.C. to the early 20th century.

What is the theme of the 19th Illegio exhibition?

The gaze focuses on the flesh, understood as a fundamental dimension of our being. The artworks are signed both by fine artists all to be discovered and by the greatest masters in art history, such as Donatello, Canova, Peter Paul Rubens, Gerrit van Honthorst, Giambattista Tiepolo, and Eugène Delacroix.

Flesh as a fundamental dimension of our being gives us sensitivity, concreteness, identity, and location in time and space; flesh as a meditation on the experience of change, one of the most important human capacities. Change is also the driving force behind innovation and sustainability, principles that guide Maddalena S.p.A.’s business.

When is it possible to visit the exhibition in Illegio?

The exhibition can be visited at the House of Exhibitions in Illegio from May 21 to October 22, and as every year, Maddalena S.p.A. provides its employees with free tickets and catalogs to access this unique moment.

Going to the 19th exhibition in Illegio and discovering the wonders of the Carnic village is a unique opportunity not to be missed. Maddalena S.p.A. is proud to support culture and beauty, values it shares with the Friulian Alpine village that hosts this important event for the area

Maddalena S.p.A.’s support.

As a Grand Ambassador of Illegio, Maddalena gladly supports the activities of the Cultural Association Committee of St. Florian and invites everyone to visit the exhibition and get involved with the works on display, which represent half a millennium of beauty.

This project helps Maddalena S.p.A.
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