ElecTo Water Meters OMS certified

July 24th, 2023

Maddalena’s list of products that have officially received the certificate of conformity to the OMS specification continues to grow.

Following the integration of 2022, which saw the ElecTo SJ – the latest generation smart meter designed for the Submetering sector – and Arrow WAN 2 – a communication module particularly suited to difficult Utility installations – 2023 sees the full integration of all the new additions to the ElecTo range.

Available with either a brass or composite case for the + C version, the ElecTo MVM Series products are designed to meet the different requirements of Utility and multi Utility. The mechanical reliability of the measuring element and the innovative radio electronic register combine measurement security with the flexibility of short- and long-distance data communication in a single product

At the same time, ElecTo SONIC represents the Maddalena ultrasonic water meter and ensures excellent performance in all installation conditions and insensitivity to the physical and chemical characteristics of the water, allowing remote data reading with mobile and fixed systems and offering maximum interoperability.

It is precisely the compliance of these meters with the OMS specification that guarantees interoperability between devices and data management systems, simplifying the management and analysis of consumption data.

Maddalena therefore offers a complete range of OMS-certified smart meters and radio suitable for all types of applications: Submetering, Utility and C&I (Commercial and Industrial). All devices allow remote data reading with mobile and fixed systems, fully meeting the requirements of the European Directive on energy efficiency.

Maddalena also guarantees a high level of interoperability with third party reading systems in order to offer flexible solutions designed to meet the needs of the Smart Cities of the future.

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