Successes and Smiles: the Intercompany Summer Camp promotes a summer full of light-hearted activities for children and young people

September 1st, 2023

The start of the new school year is very close, and this means that the second edition of the Intercompany Summer Campo organised by I.CO.P. Spa Società Benefit, together with the company Martina Srl and Maddalena S.p.A., is also coming to an end.

The initiative was realised and co-financed by the contribution of the Bando #Conciliamo, issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Family Policies, with the aim of promoting Corporate Welfare in our country through tangible actions.

Aimed at providing funding to companies that implement work-life balance projects, the Call #Conciliamo was an opportunity for the three companies in the Friuli region to work synergistically in the name of the well-being of their employees and in full compliance with the principles of SA8000 Certification.

Thanks to the contribution obtained from DIPOFAM,” says Piero Petrucco, Managing Director of I.CO.P., “the summer centre this year was able to improve the infrastructure dedicated to the children, completely renovating the environments and outdoor spaces dedicated to play and sport. In addition, the collaboration with partner companies made it possible to dedicate time and space to activities with great added value‘.

There are some features of the project that it is important to emphasise: the summer centre is open from June to September, all day long, and is completely free for families. These two aspects make this educational and leisure offer unique on a national level.

But let us come to this year’s specifics. If, during the years of the pandemic and the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the children had rediscovered sociability and familiarised themselves with their peers from the conflict zones thanks to the animators and the mediator in the centre, 2023 can be defined as a year of lightness, marked by the socio-cultural growth of the young guests.

Music, foreign language and socio-educational workshops followed one another as extra activities during the summer weeks of this hot summer that saw the Basiliano company raise its head again and open the doors of the summer centre in less than 24 hours after the weather disaster that lashed our region hard in July.

I.CO.P. introduced the children to music through a collaboration with the Codroipo music school for the presentation and use of flutes, cello, keyboard, violin, harp and guitar, led by three teachers and five experienced students.

Thanks to the contribution of Impresa Martina, the children and young people were divided into three groups and entrusted to the attention of a native English teacher from the Business Voice school in Buttrio, who, through games and motor activities, brought even the laziest of them closer to the english language.

And to cheer up the return from the August break, Maddalena S.p.A. organised a social-educational-ludic workshop activity with the Circo Duo Ma’Mè: a space to give vent to creativity, play, mutual collaboration, knowledge of one’s own body, multiple possibilities of movement, and also fun.

2023 saw more than 40 children have free access to the spaces dedicated to them in the brand new purpose-built structure in the I.CO.P. garden in Basiliano, during office hours, to enjoy a summer of growth, discussion and fun, in total safety and in the open air, making new friends and seasoning everything with a touch of magic!

Indeed, one cannot fail to mention the presence among the entertainers of a magician and conjurer, Niko Della Mora, who, in addition to brightening the days of the children and young people, has dedicated a special show to the closing of this splendid season, which has been realised under the banner of healthy fun. The event will be attended by children, entertainers and, of course, Piero Petrucco, Clara Maddalena and Angela Martina, the three far-sighted entrepreneurs who sponsor this unique initiative in our area.

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