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ElecTo SONIC is the ultrasonic meter offering built-in data communication thanks to its innovative electronic register with multi-protocol radio communication facilities. It ensures excellent performance in all installation conditions and is insensitive to the chemical and physical characteristics of water. It is the ideal solution for Utility installations. Its wide 9-characters LCD display (digits and symbols) makes it very easy to read, while providing additional information to both users and operators. ElecTo SONIC supports remote data reading with fixed and mobile system, while offering maximum interoperability.

Structural and functional characteristics
• Ultrasonic measuring technology • DN: 15 to 50 • MID certificate: R MAX 800 • Health certifications available for a number of countries • IP68 protection rating • 9-characters display (digits and symbols) • Datalogging with a storage capacity of over 11,000 values • Integrated wM-Bus and LoRaWAN radio (battery life with default configuration 16 years) • NB-IoT integrated radio available • Optimized antenna for maximum radio range • Fault detection: low water temperature, low battery, empty line / air, overconsumption, no consumption, reversed meter, leakage, backflow and expiry of testing period • Local NFC interface • Programming and testing kit available upon request • For further information on electronic register and radio transmission functions, please refer to the instruction manual

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