Arrow WAN 2: the smart generation

May 5th, 2022

Arrow WAN 2 is the add-on new radio module specifically thought for the volumetric rotary piston meter of the MVM family.

The module Arrow WAN 2 represents the new generation of compact radio LoRaWAN™ and wM-Bus which allows fast and stable long distance data reading in both mobile and fixed mode. It also guarantees a high level of interoperability also with third party reading systems.

Arrow WAN 2 has already obtained the official LoRaWAN™ and OMS certification and has proven to be fully compatible with the two.

The new radio communication module offers top quality flexibility and robustness, it’s also suitable for difficult installations (IP68 protection class). The activation and configuration of the system is carried out through the NFC local interface and the Android app.

Arrow WAN 2 is an expression of the innovation principles of Maddalena’s Smart Tradition philosophy, a cornerstone on which the future can be built.

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