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MVM is the water meter for applications in the Utilities sector that guarantees maximum accuracy and reliability in all installation conditions. Its extremely low starting flow rate and its wide measuring range allow the accounting of the entire consumption, making it easier to identify leaks. All thanks to the combination of rotary piston technology and the innovative IP68 copper/glass register. Robust, durable, suitable for the most challenging environments and types of installation. It can be equipped with the latest remote data transmission technologies.

Structural and functional characteristics
• Volumetric rotary piston meter for cold water • Ideal for utilities and outdoor installations • MID-certified: R max 800 • DN: 15÷40 • Health certifications available for a number of countries • Can be installed in all positions while maintaining its metrological characteristics • High protection against external magnetic fields • Sealed register (IP68 copper/glass) to prevent condensation • The register can be rotated 360° • Can be provided fitted with wired or radio communication module • Pre-equipped for static pulse emitter (DN 15÷32) 1P=1L, (DN40) 1P=10L

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