‘SYSTEMS’ is added to Maddalena’s Range Brochures

October 6th, 2023

Maddalena S.p.A. presents its fourth range brochure: SYSTEMS – Flexible solutions for mobile and fixed remote reading

The brochure, built along the lines with the previous ones on Water, Communication Modules and Thermal Energy products, takes a step further by moving away from product presentation and talks about integration. The systems range in fact offers various solutions for both mobile (walk-by/drive-by) and fixed (LAN/WAN) data centralisation for indoor and outdoor applications.

Remote reading of consumption data, either drive-by or via a fixed network, streamlines the management of installed meters. It also increases the awareness of final users with regards to their energy practices, and provides them with strong incentives to save energy.

In addition to these solutions, Maddalena’s offering is also rounded off with the new MGrid web platform for making data available to managers regardless of the reading system used. MGrid supports visualisation, monitoring and export functions and allows integration with third-party management systems. Importantly, all remote reading solutions are compatible with meters and radio modules from Maddalena and other manufacturers.

Discover the new range brochure and visit the Systems section of our website!

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