Responsibility and Sustainability of Companies in Italy

September 29th, 2021

In the last year and a half, Maddalena S.p.A. has worked in the name of a vision that configures its as a company capable of thinking and operating with a view to Responsability and Sustainability, also contributing concretely to the 17 SDG’S of Agenda 2030.

The actions implemented by the company, even during the pandemic, have seen a perfect integration of the three dimensions of Sustainability (social, economic and environmental) plus that of Governance, within the business development plan, paying particular attention to human resources.

In fact, SA8000 certification is currently underway: an international standard that responds to the needs of organizations that intend to stand out precisely for their commitment to sustainable development, with particular attention to issues concerning the well-being of employees and the conditions of workers, with an eye also to the supply chain, and which also responds to the changing needs of the market that increasingly ask companies to be ethical and transparent.

This path was discussed during the round table “Experiences and Paths of People Management in the New Restart” at the Treviso Salone d’Impresa, with our Vice President Clara Maddalena, and it will be discussed during the seminar “Responsibility and Sustainability of Companies in Italy, the value of lifelong learning” on 5 October at 5.00 pm promoted by the University of Udine with the patronage of Animaimpresa and RUS.

The meeting will also be included in the events of the Sustainable Development Festival inaugurated on 28 September.


This project helps Maddalena S.p.A.
contribute to the 2030 Agenda Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

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