Maddalena Spa rewards scholastic excellence: the ‘Ing. G.B. Maddalena’ Scholarship awarded for the third year

September 14th, 2023

Her name is Sara Marchi and once again a woman is the winning student of the Scholarship G. B. Maddalena Scholarship.

The announcement, reserved for children of the company’s employees attending secondary school who intend to enrol at university, is a warm tribute to the company’s founder, the great man and entrepreneur Giovanni Battista Maddalena.

Giovanni Battista Maddalena, who led the Company from after the Second World War until the 1980s, supported the importance of corporate culture and quality education and encouraged young workers to attend evening schools

“I am determined to continue the educational path I have started and I am considering enrolling in a degree course, with options between Marketing and Communication or Foreign Languages… at the moment I am still in the thinking phase,” said Sara, a student who has just started her fourth year at the Istituto Tecnico Antonio Zanon di Udine, RIM.

The articulation of the RIM course of study, International Relations for Marketing, in fact refers both to business communication with the use of three foreign languages, and to the management of national and international business relations in different geo-political realities and work contexts. Excellent prerequisites for facing the important choice that will lead you to a university career and then to the world of work.

This award, worth EUR 10,000, is a concrete encouragement to young people to aim higher and pursue ambitious goals. It is a tangible way to honour and perpetuate his extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit and his lasting contribution to the company’s growth. We can speak of social entrepreneurship, as the initiative not only promotes the education and professional growth of young people, but also the welfare of the families of the company’s employees, thus helping to build a stronger community and a better future for all.

This action once again confirms Maddalena Spa’s focus on the sustainability path it has taken and underlines its contribution towards Goal 4 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda: to provide quality, equitable and inclusive education and learning opportunities for all.

During the award ceremony that took place on Wednesday 13 September at the company’s terrace in Povoletto, in addition to the Maddalena family and the winner’s family, the mayor of the municipality of Povoletto, Giuliano Castenetto, also spoke, praising the now consolidated synergies between the territory, educational institutions, universities and the industrial sector. “Maddalena Spa shows a special interest in developing the technical and professional skills of young people. This dedication translates into tangible actions that bring benefits to local communities and is reaffirmed today through the awarding of this important grant”.

And proof of this great attention will also be the UEB4WORK event organised by Maddalena Spa together with Gesteco, MEP and Faber at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Cividale on 23 September next, dedicated to the search and selection of wide-ranging professional figures. The company, with a view to growth and expansion of its business, is proving to be very active in the area through initiatives that involve young people and orient them to the world of work.

This project helps Maddalena S.p.A.
contribute to the 2030 Agenda Goals

Goal 4 quality education

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