Thermal energy meters: focusing on energy saving

May 29th, 2020


For over 20 years Maddalena sets new standards in thermal energy metering with the same dedication and precision that defines the company in the world of water metering. Nowadays Maddalena offers a complete range of tools for correct and responsible measurement, capable of supporting both managers and end users in responsible energy consumption.
Our new brochure, with short articles and clear infographics, reviews the wide range of dimensions, lengths and different measurement techniques to satisfy all application areas: from domestic divisional installation to the requirements of the Utility sector.

A full range of products includes mechanical and ultrasound meters, ensuring maximum accuracy and reliable operation over time, also including heat distributors for indirect metering of consumption in domestic application.

Specific attention is paid to leading-edge systems managing communication between tools and data collection centers.

In all areas requiring application of heat and thermal energy, Maddalena guarantees the instruments with the highest standards of reliability and precision in detecting heating focusing on the issues of responsible consumption and energy saving.

Discover our new, brief and clear presentation:

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