Arrow evo 868 obtains the official OMS group certification

June 8th, 2020

Maddalena’s radio module ArrowEVO has recently obtained the official OMS-Group certification according to the latest version of the specification.
ArrowEVO represents an excellent solution for modern walk-by/drive-by mobile remote reading in utility applications. This compact radio module has been designed for Maddalena’s MVM water meters, from 15 to 40 DN, and for Woltmann WMAP EVO water meters, from 50 to 200 DN.

ArrowEVO complies with the wM-Bus data communication protocol – regulated at European level by the standard EN 13757- and OMS frame. This ensures interoperability with different reading systems, as well as by third parties, therefore facilitating the work of system integrators.
Read more OMS-GROUP  or visit our website.

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