ElecTo MVM Series: Synonymous with Smart Tradition

May 31st, 2023

Following the SJ and Sonic series water meters, MVM volumetric meters also benefit from the ElecTo platform, the modern electronic register with integrated radio developed by Maddalena and compatible with various measuring elements, both mechanical and static.
ElecTo MVM thus combines the reliability and accuracy of volumetric metering technology with modern electronic register equipped with native wireless communication.

Available with either a brass or composite body for the + C version, the ElecTo MVM series products are designed to meet the diverse needs of utility and multi utility applications. The volumetric metering principle on which the ElecTo MVM series meters are based guarantees correct instantaneous volume metering in the event of sudden changes in flow rate and interference.

The mechanical reliability of the metering element and the innovative electronic register combine in a single product the security of metering with the flexibility of short- and long-distance data communication.

With its integrated multi-protocol radio with wM-Bus and LoRaWAN support, the ElecTo MVM and Electo MVM + C enable reliable meter reading using mobile and stationary systems. The optimised antenna maximises the range of the radio signal, ensuring stable communication even in difficult conditions.

Compliance with the OMS specification ensures interoperability between devices and data management systems, simplifying the management and analysis of consumption data. In addition, the native wireless data communication on which the ElecTo MVM series products are based allows them to meet the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directive, ensuring an efficient and reliable remote reading system.

The ElecTo MVM series meters are designed for optimal usability. They feature a large 9-digit LCD display that simplifies data reading and provides additional information for both users and operators. All models offer advanced features such as datalogging, which allows over 11,000 historical values to be stored for detailed analysis and monitoring.

The MVM series products are all accompanied by the new quick guides: customers only needs to scan the QR code shipped along with the product to download the product manual on any electronic device or to access the installation video tutorial whether present.

The ElecTo MVM Series meters stand for Smart Tradition: a reliable and established metering part enhanced by modern communication technology.

Find out more about the new ElecTo MVM series products and the ElecTo range on the product page of our website.

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