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AMR mobile or fixed distance reading of consumption data is the ideal technology to better manage installed water and heat meters, especially in view of ever more connected Smart City and submetering applications, where providing clear and accurate data to individual users will become mandatory to incentivize lower consumptions.
Maddalena has been the first company to offer a flexible solution, specifically designed for the metering sector, which allows meters to connect and exchange data with any type of short-range and long-range networks. Maddalena’s communication modules are compatible both with the most widely used wM-Bus traditional standard, and with the new long range LPWAN transmission technologies, such as LoRaWANTM and NB-IoT. Our LPWAN solutions convert the meter to a true end-point for future IoT connections.
Maddalena’s range of systems includes a number of mobile walk-by/drive-by and AMR fixed remote reading solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.



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