Maddalena wins an important tender in France for the supply of radio water meters to one of the major french utilities

July 1st, 2017

Maddalena recently won a tender in France to supply one of the main water utilities of the State with its products. The utility is one of the biggest players in the public water distribution field of the country and boasts a long and demonstrated experience in the water distribution and treatment.

According to the tender, Maddalena will be supplying positive displacement water meters equipped with on board communication system. The installation of these water meters is connected to a wider meter replacement project.

The installation began at the end of last year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. The perks of these smart end points supplied by Maddalena and connected to the utility’s fixed radio network system are a more efficient reading of online data and the improvement of aspects such as billing and installation. Moreover, the solutions brought by Maddalena will contribute to the reduction of leaks.

Maddalena won this important tender thanks to the high performances of its ARROWwan compact radio module.

ARROWwan is a bidirectional compact radio module with 169 MHz ISM band which uses a low power communication protocol; the module ensures long range transmission both in urban and suburban areas. In case of difficult installation, the module is available also in separated version and can be connected to Maddalena water meters (version without bidirectional inductive pulser).

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