Maddalena awared by frost & sullivan with the best practices award 2017

August 2nd, 2017

Maddalena reaches another milestone with the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Best Practices Award – Global Smart Water Meter Technology Leadership Award. Frost & Sullivan is the global research and consulting organization that helps its clients achieve transformational growth.

The Best Practices Award recognizes companies in various regional and global fields that stand out for their leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Frost & Sullivan’s analyst team compares market participants and evaluates their performances in order to identify best practices. The aim is to drive innovation, excellence, and a positive change in the global economy by reconizing best-in-class products, companies, and individuals. (Source:

“Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that Maddalena’s commitment to innovation is clearly

demonstrated through the solution it has developed for the water industry. The next

technology age of water metering can only be achieved with cost effective, operationally

exceptional solutions —and Maddalena has clearly succeeded in satisfying these objectives.

With its strong overall performance, Maddalena has earned the 2017 Frost & Sullivan

Global Technology Leadership Award.” 

(Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis, available on request) 

What we can infer from the market analysis carried out by Frost & Sullivan is the key role of communication in the creation of smart water networks.

Traditional metering technologies are not sufficient for utilities because they do not allow the implementation of smart metering systems, while Maddalena’s multi-protocol smart water solutions developed for utilities are able to fill this gap. In fact, Maddalena’s smart water solutions support the LPWAN technology for IoT applications, combining low consumption to long-range transmissions. These technologies will become even more important in the creation of smart water networks that will play a vital role in the context of smart cities, supporting utilities in the optimization of costs and in the monitoring of water consumption.

This award is recognition of Maddalena’s effort in developing innovative solutions and its ability to understand and foresee the importance of technological innovation in the water industry, anticipating market needs and suggesting cutting-edge solutions.

The solutions developed by Maddalena are the result of a long and thorough process of research and study. , They stand out for their versatility: Not only are they suitable for the implementation in traditional mechanical metering, but they also prove to be useful for modern electronic technologies. These features make Maddalena’s solutions useful both for water utilities and for other applications—such as irrigation, where accurate metering of water consumption is crucial.

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