Maddalena Exhibitions 2023

April 19th, 2023

UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry, released in February the 30th edition of its famous Global Exhibition Barometer research, the results of which show the industry’s recovery acceleration in 2022 and a positive outlook for 2023.

After the pandemic, which led to major organizational and marketing changes, especially in the exhibition business, the research affirms that globally the situation continues to improve. The picture presents a percentage of companies reporting that “normal activity” is gradually increasing from 30% in January 2022 to 72% in December 2022 and it is expected to reach 80% in June 2023-aligning with pre-Covid19 levels.

The Barometer also carried out a trend analysis which shows how the industry’s priorities have changed during the last years. The impact of digitalization is today an important topic, together with sustainability, climate change and stakeholder engagement, on which the attention has been doubled.

It is possible that the future exhibitions would be characterized by a mixed format, which links together in-presence events and digital aspects. The rise of virtual events has changed the B2B world, showing a new way of proposing contents, attracting contracts and creating collaboration networks. The virtual experience economy represents an infinite place without any barrier, where cost limitations, accessibility and personal capabilities, simply do not exist anymore.

Maddalena Experience, the virtual tour created in 2021 by the Company itself, had been created precisely with the aim of giving a strong signal of dynamism and support to partners and customers, as well as to adopt an alternative mode to the international exhibitions’ environment, and had developed as a differentiating marketing and sales tool, as well as employer branding. Alongside this, the numerous video tutorials made in recent years have helped creating easy, immediately understandable and comprehensive instructions regarding the installation of Maddalena products.

Perfect digital experiences, remotely accessible, without space and time constraints, but that cannot substitute the direct human relationship.

The presence, a handshake, looking the products live and maybe drinking together our local wine, are aspects that provide a great value added and that pushed us, already form last year, to be present again in international exhibitions.

Coming Soon to the Exhibitions  

2023 will be a year full of highly important exhibitions appointments.

In order to keep the relationship with the international market dynamic, the Company is going to participate to E-World in Essen (Germany), followed by Pollutec in Lyon and Enlit in Paris (France). In this last case, Maddalena S.p.A. is going to be present with a stand shared among the members of OMS – Group, a successful experience that the Company wants to replicate. In fact, Maddalena boasts a full range of smart meters and communication modules certified OMS and suitable for all kinds of application.

From a national market perspective, after participating in the NOI TechPark conference in Bolzano at the beginning of the year, the Company will be in Ercolano (Campania, Italy) for the 2023 event of Servizi a Rete Tour and in Rimini (Emilia Romagna, Italy) for the 26th edition of the Ecomondo exhibition.

In the exhibitions new products will be presented in the ElecTo water meters range.

ElecTo SJ, ElecTo SONIC and ElecTo MVM take advantage of a modern platform of electronic radio register, with native wireless data communication, declined to different metering technologies for the hydraulic component.


Where? Essen, Germany

When? From the 23rd to the 25th of May 2023

Stand: Halle 2, Stand 2-117

Why? Choice of international presence.

The Essen exhibition is one of the most important meeting places for major European companies operating in the water and energy sector. Occurring annually, the event presents itself as a platform for a continuous exchange of knowledge and information.



Where? Ercolano (NA), Italy

When? From the 27th to the 28th of September 2023

Why? Servizi a Rete represents a point of reference for the Italian utilities operating in the area of creating synergies with the goal of enabling innovative companies to improve the management of the metropolitan areas. Among the discussed topics, there will be also the topic of water and telecommunications, for which Maddalena will be one of the spokesmen, along with other companies of the industry.



Where? Lyon, France

When? From the 10th to the 13th of October 2023

Stand: H6-G101

Why? France is a beacon for the water metering market. For 45 years, Pollutec has boasted a central role for market innovations and for international development. Focusing mainly on the environment and on the sustainable development, the exhibition offers 20 different speaking spaces – included those regarding the water sector – through which the players of the ecologic transaction can straighten their relationships.



Where? Rimini Exhibition Center, Italy

When? From the 7th to the 10th of November 2023

Stand: B7-108

Why? Ecomondo is an international event within the green and circular economy sectors that, among the 7 macro-areas covered, also includes the one related to the sustainable use of water resources with the aim of fostering networking activities between the world of Utilities and technology companies such as Maddalena S.p.A.



Where? Paris, France

When? From the 28th to the 30th of November 2023

Stand: Product Wall of OMS-Group members

Why? New products have achieved OMS certification. Enlit is an important international exhibition in the energy sector which allows to create relationships with the main leaders, innovators and game-changers of the industry. In particular, Maddalena S.p.A. will be present within the ESMIG pavilion dedicated to the presentation of smart meters and of how the latter can drive the green transition.


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