A new pilot project to bring smart metering in Moldova

April 10th, 2018


Smart metering is an increasingly widespread reality at European level and Maddalena confirms once again its primary role as one of the main players in this field thanks to partnerships and projects in Italy and abroad. The latest partnership is the one with Orange Moldova, subsidiary of the French multinational corporation Orange, among the principal telecommunications service providers in Europe. The project saw Orange Moldova and the water utility SA Apa Canal cooperating in order to create and implement a new smart solution-based system for water consumption monitoring and data collection in Moldova.

Maddalena worked at the pilot project “Smart water. Meters solution” providing 102 MVM positive displacement water meters equipped with the ARROW WAN 868 MHz radio module, compatible with the LoRaWanTM communication protocol. The installation of the water meters in households and private companies enables automatic remote reading and transmission of data to the integrated online invoicing system of the water supply network operator. Moreover, smart metering allows fast detection and reporting of leaks and malfunction, which could cause undue charges and water waste.

The aim of the project is to upgrade the urban infrastructure and improve the work of public and private companies operating in the country as well as urban development, in a context of transparencyefficiency and higher accuracy in the collection and transmission of data. Therefore, among the benefits of the project are the improvement of operating costs for the supplier and greater customer trust.

The implementation of smart metering systems eliminates the need for physical reading of water meters by water supplier operators or end users. Smart meter reading will bring about a more precise collection of data, reducing reading and invoicing errors, contributing to the modernisation of infrastructures and allowing the creation of cities based on open and interoperable platforms, flexible systems that can be adjusted to the needs of citizens and future smart cities. For further information, watch the video at https://bit.ly/2tGCikt.

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