World Water Day 2022: Maddalena Spa celebrates water, sport and sustainability

March 20th, 2022

A special event for Maddalena Spa, one of the leading international companies in the sector of water metering instruments, for the World Day devoted to this precious and essential resource for our planet.

This 22 March, the long-established company based in Povoletto (UD) has decided to host a visit by a group of representatives from ASD Libertas Grions del Torre e Remanzacco, which it has been supporting for two years, following the brilliant results obtained by its young female athletes.

During the visit our attention was paid to the issues of water, sports and sustainability expressed through concrete experiences and company projects” – recounts Arianna Arizzi, CSR manager for the company – “We wanted to seize this opportunity to share an important message even locally, one which takes on real meaning in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility”.

A serious debate about water cannot be postponed anymore. Demographic growth, urbanisation, industrialisation and evolution in lifestyles have an increasingly important impact on the demand and supply of water. The concept of water stress must be counted among the main risks on a global level. In a scenario where this resource is and will always be more and more lacking and precious, Maddalena Spa is carefully working on the concept of metering efficiency in terms of water savings.

That’s why it is fundamental to raise awareness among the new generations about respect and a conscious use of the resource, so that everyone can contribute, each one in their own small way, to goal 6 of the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

World Water Day 2022: a group of representatives from ASD Libertas Grions del Torre e Remanzacco

The meeting with the young athletes from ASD Libertas Grions del Torre e Remanzacco shifted attention to the critical role and the educational function of sport in our social and family culture. At the event, in addition to the Honorary President, Angelo Compagnon, the technical trainer, Tommaso Pascolini,  and Lucio De Eccher, manager and sportive director of the Association, there was a varied representation of young, regional champions: a sprinter, a javelin thrower and two relay runners whose hard work and perseverance have led them to achieve major results of which our community can only be proud. A meeting between two excellences of our Region, therefore, both from a sport and a productive point of view!

Always at the cutting edge of the water metering sector, Maddalena Spa offers a complete range of smart meters for all kinds of applications, fully meeting the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directive. Boasting the title of Historic Brand of National Interest, a testament to its value and its role in the Italian scene, it currently counts 150 employees and has obtained important ratings with international certifications. It is ranked by Forbes among the top 100 companies for sustainability in Italy according to the Sustainability Award.

This project helps Maddalena S.p.A.
contribute to the 2030 Agenda Goals

Goal 03 Agenda 2030 Good Health and well-being
Goal 04 Quality Education
Goal 06 clean water and sanitation

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