World Day of Safety and Health at Work 2021

April 28th, 2021


On April 28, the 2021 edition of the World Day of Safety and Health at Work is celebrated.
The anniversary arises from the need to promote a constructive debate on the importance of healthy, safe and dignified work, both among the population and among political decision-makers.

The health emergency has posed new challenges and highlighted new risks for safety and health at work, generating a profound impact on people and businesses. Just think of the risk of transmission of the virus in the workplace, the risks to safety and health at work, including psychosocial risks, which have emerged with the prevention measures and the reorganization of work in new forms, such as smart working.

Maddalena has always paid great attention to these issues, considering the issue of health in the workplace not only as a fundamental right of every single worker, but as a result that can be obtained with the help and collaboration of all.

Guaranteeing an active policy in the name of health and safety at work is a cornerstone for the company that recently chose to integrate these good practices within an overall vision that makes Maddalena Spa a reality that speaks more and more closely. the language of social responsibility.
Health and safety at work is in fact a fundamental and essential part of CSR and the interaction between the two offers a series of opportunities and challenges for a positive and strategic development of the company.

We are therefore celebrating this day with the strength of the numerous actions implemented to date in the field of training, risk analysis, combating the spread of the Covid19 Virus and of course the direct involvement of all corporate stakeholders and are pleased to announce the next corporate goals that will attest compliance with ISO 45001 and SA8000 by integrating into the Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility Management System.

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