Video tutorial Maddalena [1]: radio EVO on youtube channel

December 10th, 2020

Everything you wished to know about Radio EVO module 868 MHz, wireless M-Bus, its installation on SJ meters, its activation and its characteristics.

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Compact radio module with built-in bidirectional inductive sensor, designed for Maddalena SJ EVO, VTZ EVO e UPZ EVO water meters. RadioEVO is also compatible with other models or meters from other brands that are suitable for use with the Modularis system.

The video also refers to the Maddalena Evo APP, recently published on Google PlayStore for configuration and Set Up.

Our new video tutorials will guide you step by step through the installation, activation and programming of our radio modules on different water meters from the rich Maddalena range.

Video footage and animations are accompanied by captions in two languages (Italian and English) to provide effective and detailed information.

For over 100 years, Maddalena has remained a point of reference for water metering. We are at the side of our customers to provide innovative and up-to-date tools, and meet all your requirements.

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