Smart metering with simplified drive-by remote reading

April 30th, 2020


At the present moment we examine scope and value of remote communication technologies.

Besides IoT influence that brought these smart conveniences facilitating and accelerating communication processes and management of technological tools and mobile equipment, but also because the new reality is bringing us to focus on remote, mobile and safe contact. We consolidate around systems that implement forms of management and smart communication that enable operation in new conditions and rules without suffering setbacks.

Arrow Mobile for Android is Maddalena’s application, developed to facilitate the georeferenced drive-by reading of meters equipped with wM-Bus radio technology – 169 and 868 MHz -.

Compatible with Android mobile devices, this application was developed in particular for the utility sector to manage water-meter readings in real time.

Immediate and intuitive interface ensures ease of use by non-specialized personnel. In addition, this app does not require any special software to be installed on back-office side.

For more information visit the page dedicated to communication modules and explore all technology solutions compatible with the use of this Android app

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