Radio water meters OMS certified for all applications and sizes

May 24th, 2022

The list of Maddalena’s products that have officially received the OMS certification keeps getting longer.

ElecTo SJ is the latest generation of smart meter specifically designed for the Submetering sector. It has an innovative dial clock with the integrated radio wM-Bus that guarantees full compatibilty with the european standard (EN 13757) and the OMS certification.

Arrow WAN 2 is the add-on new radio module specifically thought for the volumetric rotary piston meter of the MVM family and it’s particulary suitable for difficult installations. This add-on communication module represents the new generation of compact radio LoRaWAN™ e wM-Bus. Discover more!

Today Maddalena SpA offers a complete range of OMS certified smart meters and radio suitable for all applications: Submetering, Utility and C&I (Commercial and Industrial). All devices allow remote data reading with mobile and fixed systems, responding to the European Directive on energy efficiency.

Maddalena SpA guarantees a high level of interoparability even with third party reading systems. All this to offer flexible solutions designed for the Smart Cities of the future.

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