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Thermal energy


Maddalena offers a full range of thermal energy meters and heating water meters. At a time when the focus on responsible consumption and saving energy is becoming more pressing and widespread, heat meters have become essential. In many European countries, buildings must, by law, be fitted with thermal energy accounting systems which are able to take advantage of the higher efficiency provided by centralized heating plants while allowing individual control of consumption by users, and reduce wastage.
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Maddalena manufactures heat meters capable to meet all measurement and accounting requirements: from simple domestic users to the most complex district heating and industrial applications. Our instruments are certified under the MID Directive, comply with European Standard EN 1434 and employ the most advanced technologies available in a wide range of configurations. Our product range includes mechanical and ultrasonic meters for maximum accuracy, reliability and durability over time. The range includes also heat cost allocators for indirect accounting of consumptions for domestic users. Maddalena also provides state-of-the-art systems for managing the communication from the instruments to data acquisition centres. Wherever you need domestic or industrial heat and thermal energy meters, Maddalena is there. Our heat accounting equipment guarantees the highest standards of reliability and accuracy.


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