Maddalena’s partnership

October 15th, 2017


Thanks to its proven experience in smart metering and technological research for the industry, Maddalena has been invited to join the WIZE Alliance.

WIZE Alliance is a non-profit organization created in order to foster an international standard for the Industrial Internet of Things.

The association was founded by GRDF, SUEZ and Sagemcom and gathers the main players of the utility and smart metering sector to promote the implementation of the new WIZE technology. WIZE is a bidirectional, long-range and low-power technology that operates around 169 MHz frequencies, specifically designed to connect difficult to reach objects and allow the transmission of precise data among the various IoT technologies applied in smart cities and industry. Nowadays, WIZE already connects more than 3 million devices in the world, a number that is bound to increase thanks to the cooperation of the partner companies involved.

This is the latest partnership for Maddalena in the field of smart data transmission systems.

Since 2016 Maddalena has been part of the LoRa Alliance, a non-profit association aiming at spreading the LPWAN technology (Low Power Wide Area Networks) to support the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication, as well as smart cities and industrial applications.

Since 2015 Maddalena has also been cooperating with OMS and Sigfox.

OMS is a non-profit organization established to create an open protocol for interoperability between metering systems, while Sigfox is a French company established  in 2010 offering a wireless, low-power and low-cost transmission system to create a global communication network for the Internet of Things.

The objective of these organizations is the diffusion of new communication and connectivity systems, which will significantly improve the cities and industries of the future through the Internet of Things. This will be possible thanks also to the cooperation with the main players of the metering sector like Maddalena that has always been at the forefront in the development of new effective data transmission technologies for smart metering.

A team work that will lead to the creation of highly connected smart cities where data transmission will be easier, more accessible and efficient.

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