Maddalena’s 24/7 Help Desk customer service

April 11th, 2023


Customer satisfaction has become a key factor for every business; for this reason, companies try to offer an always more efficient and organized pre-sales and post-sales service. In order to meet the needs of its clients and to facilitate and speed up the support experience, Maddalena S.p.A. uses an advanced help desk platform.

The one chosen by Maddalena is an advanced management and tracking system of the customer service activities. Every conversation between function managers and clients is registered within a ticket: in this way it is always possible to take track of the conversation flow. In addition to this, the notification details are always accessible to both, the client and all the involved departments.

The risk that telephone or e-mail support requests will be lost or delayed is substantially reduced to zero; furthermore, the system allows to Maddalena’s technicians to track the notifications assigning to them different priorities depending on the type of ticket, and quickly directing them towards the adequate department.

Help desk: features and advantages

The help desk allows to organize and manage all the customers’ requirements in a single platform. This means that different departments can take track of everything by using a single system. Each ticket is assigned to the relevant department where a specific expert is in charge of resolving it and follows every stage of its status, from the opening to the resolution. In this way it is possible to track all customers’ requests and to monitor their resolution time.

Tickets can be categorized and assigned depending on their level of priority, on the type of request, on the client, and so on. This system allows to focus on the most critical notifications and resolve them before the less urgent ones. If the ticket requires the involvement of different departments, the latter can cooperate within the system in order to conclude and resolve the notification in a coordinated manner. The help desk system is active 24/7 and can be easily reached through the MyMaddalena page on our website.

The implementation of this system has definitely sped up the analysis and management of the post-sales service, quality control, warehouse returns, and management by Metrology Lab and R&D, making any changes to internal procedures more streamlined. This has also improved the tracking of information between different business departments allowing an easier identification of critical issues.

The recent renowal of the company’s switchboard, designed with the aim of integrating the different information systems, has also proved to be an excellent opportunity to boost the use of the help desk. In this way, customers who call Maddalena S.p.A. are directed with immediacy to the platform. In turn, technicians take over and respond to tickets promptly and professionally, ensuring an organized and traceable handling of all requests.

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