Maddalena opens German branch

May 30th, 2018


With the objective to strengthen its position on the German market, Maddalena announces the opening of a branch in Germany: Maddalena GMBH. Maddalena aims to reach its German clients more effectively with this local representation. The German team is well established for the sales of water meters and IoT remote reading systems.

The branch, located in Remscheid, near Düsseldorf, is  headed by Mr Ralf C. Sander, who has been working in the metering sector for many years.

The German branch is conceived to ensure sales and production effectiveness. It has a sales and technical support department, as well as facilities for production and metrological verification of water meters, and a finished products warehouse for logistics optimization.

“Maddalena  already has an established market presence in Germany, which provides a sound basis for Maddalena GmbH. The new branch has significant growth potential in the next years, on one of the most important European markets for smart water metering” according to Mr Ralf C. Sander, the newly appointed CEO, at the official opening with Mr Franco Maddalena, chairman of Maddalena S.p.A.

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