Maddalena infographics now become a video

January 20th, 2020

Recently we published fresh infographics bringing together all key features and steps of Maddalena company. A single image to imprint the long history of the company, its structure, areas of interest and products that have made it a reference point and international leader on the water metering market.

Same infographics highlight the most recent technological innovations also introducing the world of IoT.

The past, the present and the future of Maddalena meet in a single graphic framework perfectly satisfying the need for information and the lack of time defining modern way of living and working.

Now Maddalena created a video clip capable of giving life to the data previously summarized information on a purely visual level.

In this video once again past, present and future come alive and interlace to tell the Maddalena story, describing the features that make the company great today and the objectives making  its products increasingly effective and innovative.

Have a pleasant viewing!

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