Electo bulk, the new ultrasonic water meter combining technology and strenght

March 14th, 2019

The search for increasingly state-of-the art and efficient liquid measurement and monitoring solutions is one of Maddalena’s main objectives. ElecTo Bulk, the new ultrasonic meter from the ElecTo range, is an excellent example of this principle.

Available in sizes from DN 50 to DN 200, it is the ideal choice for bulk metering and advanced water systems. ElecTo Bulk is a high quality meter featuring a large, clear and easy readable electronic display, starting flow rate equal to about one third of that of traditional water meters, detection and reporting of anomalies in temperature, water consumption and ultrasonic signal quality.

ElecTo Bulk ensures ease of use and durable construction. The maximum operating temperature up to 50 °C, a no-moving parts design, an IP68 protection rating and the possibility of installation in any position guarantee long-term high performance. Power is provided by a long-life battery. ElecTo Bulk is equipped with a built-in pulse output and can be supplied in combination with the various Maddalena communication modules, for both mobile and fixed reading.

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