Electo bulk: the modern solution for large-volume metering

October 21st, 2020

ElecTo Bulk (E-Bulk) is the ideal solution for high-volume metering in the Utility field and can now also be supplied with an integrated M-BUS wireless radio module.

This new feature allowed Maddalena Spa to be awarded the important supply of about 1000 E-BULK ultrasonic meters for Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A. in Tuscany (ADF).

Thanks to the ease of use of ultrasonic technology in these fields, E-Bulk provides excellent levels of performance in all conditions of installation and is MID-certified R500.

Its extremely low starting flow rate, its wide measuring range and the absence of moving parts allow the accounting of the entire consumption, making it easier to identify leaks.

E-Bulk obsoletes traditional combined meters. Robust and suitable for challenging environments, E-Bulk features a large, clear and easy to read display. It is designed to quickly provide all the main information about volume, flow rate and alarms. A long-life battery ensures its long operation.

With a built-in pulse output, ElecTo Bulk can be delivered already paired with a number of Maddalena or third-party wM-Bus or LPWAN radio communication modules.

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