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Thermal energy


FUE380 ultrasonic flow meter

• Battery-powered up to 6 years
• 115/230 V mains-powered with back-up battery option in case of mains power failure
• Fast measuring frequency 15 Hz/0.5 Hz (230 V AC/Battery)
• Easy one-button straight forward display
• 2-path measuring principle for optimum accuracy
• Compact or remote mounting
• Used on industrial plants
• No pressure drops
• Long-term stability
• 2 galvanically isolated digital outputs for easy connection to a calculator (potential-free)
• Analog output 4 to 20 mA
• Bidirectional measurement, with 2 totalizers and outputs
• Dynamic range Qi:Qp up to 1:50/100 or max. range Qi:Qs up to 1:400



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