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MecTo | Tangential helix water meter

WT is an excellent solution for high-volume irrigation metering

• Woltmann tangential helix cold water meter
• Ideal for large volume irrigation applications 
• Certified MID R 40
• DN: 50 to 200 mm
• Ready for reed switch pulse emitter (Dn 50 -125 mm 1P=100 L / Dn 150-200 mm 1P=1000 L)
• High protection against external magnetic fields
• Mineral glass lens
• Sealed register (IP68 copper/glass) to entirely prevent condensation issues
• Can be provided fitted with wired or radio communication module
• MID-certified also in the "delivery group" version (see specific illustrative material), 
  and therefore part of a metering system that includes On-Off valve and flow limiter



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