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ElecTo T is the innovative solution in the field of measuring instruments for the Utility sector. It ensures excellent performance in all installation conditions and is insensitive to the chemical and physical characteristics of water. With its high sampling rate, it is able to measure accurately and reliably minimal flow volumes, facilitating the detection of leaks. Extremely compact it is easy to install, thanks to its careful construction and height, even in tight spaces. ElecTo T provides maximum flexibility in short- and long-distance data communication.

Structural and functional characteristics
• Ultrasonic meter • Ideal for homes, condominiums and small C&I installations • MID-certified: R max 500 • DN: 15÷50 • Health certifications available for a number of countries • Ultrasound technology with mirrorless solution • No moving parts with low head loss guarantee • No obstruction in the measuring tube • Can be installed in all positions • Large LCD display • Brass tube to ensure sturdiness and stability over time • Integrated wireless communication: wM-Bus, LoRaWAN and "dual mode" • IP68 protection rating • Battery life: Up to 16 years

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