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Maddalena in the TOP 500 Udine 2021

Present in 110 place in the ranking of the TOP 500 Companies of Udine on the NordEst Economia in the Messaggero Veneto insert of 30/04/2021

A space is reserved for Maddalena Spa in the Electronic Equipment section.

In 2019 Maddalena spa achieved a turnover of 60 million with a 65% foreign share.
The market growth forecasts in the coming years and the important portfolio of works acquired in 2020, despite the momentary decline in the market due to the health emergency, see new development opportunities aimed at both the domestic and foreign markets.
Growth prospects also on the German front, where in 2018 Maddalena took over a company, today Maddalena Gmbh, with the aim of responding to the demands of the water metering market in Germany. About thirty employees, 3 production lines and a turnover target of 10 million euros by next year.