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The "Maddalena Experience" Virtual Tour is the subject of a master's degree thesis

Maddalena Spa and the "Maddalena Experience" virtual tour project become a case study and subject of the master's degree thesis in English discussed today by Stefano Dal Nin at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Udine.

Stefano, after an internship period that lasted 9 months in the marketing area of ​​our company, successfully graduated from the master's degree course in International Marketing, Management, and Organization.

His dissertation, developed under the guidance of prof. Andrea Moretti, analyzes the evolution and use of consumer experiences in marketing, focusing on the interaction between digital marketing and customer experience in the changed market scenario of the last two years, highlighting the responses of companies oriented in particular to assets of digitization and sustainability.

In this context, Maddalena Spa's choice to develop a virtual tour that was created with the aim of telling, through an engaging and immersive way, the places, the values ​​of the company, and its drive towards technological innovation fits well, becoming the corporate response to the changes imposed by the pandemic.
The experience of the virtual tour thus becomes a valid alternative in this moment of digital transition that will not replace, but to support, the contacts in presence even when it will be possible to return to normal and resume travel and participation in international fairs as is already happening these days.

Nice work, Stefano: Ad maiora semper!